Golden Hornet Composer Laboratory 3.22.17


Golden Hornet Composer Laboratory 3.22.17

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017

If you’re not familiar with the Golden Hornet Composer Laboratory, you might be more familiar with the organization’s leaders and figureheads, notable Austin composers Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopschinski. The group’s mission is to promote the small but vibrant contemporary classical music scene here in Austin. Part of that work is promoting the work of high school age composers, which they do through their annual Young Composer Concert. The pieces will be performed by Hear No Evil, the Austin-bred chamber ensemble known for bringing new music to a wider audience. Graham and Hear No Evil were in Studio 1A to give us a preview of the concert this afternoon, check out the session below!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

3/26 – 2nd Annual Young Composers Concert, The North Door, 2pm

Golden Hornet:

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Hear No Evil:

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Stary Olsa 3.21.17


Stary Olsa 3.21.17

Posted by on Mar 22, 2017

Upon first glance, Medieval Belarusian Folk band Stary Olsa is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Upon first listen, they’re like nothing we’ve ever heard. Upon first smell, they smell pretty normal, but their music is out of this world. Eastern European music is pretty unfamiliar to us in the west, but even so, Stary Olsa brings a new vitality and energy to music that is, in it’s nature, more than 300 years old. Their goal with this project is to recreate the musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, of which Belarus was the cultural and political capital for 500 years. Even if you don’t think you’ll like a group of Eastern European folks playing traditional medieval instruments, you probably will. Stary Olsa is the real deal, and they’re not to be missed. Check out their Studio 1A session below.

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

3/25-26 Sherwood Forest Faire

3/28 Flamingo Cantina, 8:30 pm

3/31 Russian House, 9pm

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John Aielli 50th Anniversary Concert


John Aielli 50th Anniversary Concert

Posted by on Mar 5, 2017

Young John Aielli at the controls_2The more things change in Austin, the more one thing stays the same: John Aielli. Come celebrate John’s 50 years on KUT and KUTX on Tuesday, March 7th at Hogg auditorium as we fete him with an all-star concert featuring Bob Schneider, Shinyribs, Hayes Carll, Carrie Rodriguez, Nakia, Tony Kamel of Wood and Wire and more. The show starts at 7:30 with your emcee Jaston Williams and the house band of Graham Reynolds. Learn more and get your tickets at HERE. Brought to you by People’s Rx and KUTX.







Hogg Auditorium is located on the University of Texas campus at 2300 Whitis Ave (just east of Guadalupe on 24th street)

How to get here:

Hogg is easily accessible using Capital Metro north & south bound routes including the 1, 801, 803 and various others.

Please consult their website for times, fares and stops. If you are taking cab or a ride sharing service the closest intersection to be dropped off is the east side of 24th & Guadalupe.

Special seating needs:

If you require special seating (wheel chair access) please reach out to Amy Chambless at 512-475-6515.

Accessible seating for people with disabilities along with companion seats are available.


Parking on campus is by permit only. If you do not have a UT Austin permit you can not park on campus. We do suggest using the closest parking garages including

San Antonio Garage and the UT Coop Parking garage There is a FEE for both of these lots so please read all signs regarding parking prices.


Hogg is an older building and does not have up to date restrooms. Think the small restrooms at the Paramount Theater if you have attended a show there.

Because of this we will allow you to leave and use the restrooms in the nearby Texas Union. We will have ushers to guide you and you will be allowed re-entry via wristband or hand stamp.

Please keep this in mind it is not ideal but it’s where we are at the moment.


The Cactus Bar staff will have a full bar. The bar will be CASH ONLY

ATMS are located nearby in the Union and on Guadalupe. We will have a great selection of local brews  along with hard liquor selections and wine.


The University of Texas at Austin is a Tobacco Free Campus. 

Please refer to the University policy here for any questions.


This is a reserved seating show. 

You should have received your ticket via the confirmation email. If you need it resent please contact Amy Chambless at 512-475-6515 (please note we will be setting up the show all day).

We will also have a master list of all tickets purchased and can check you off of that as well. Please have your ID out and ready for that when we come by.

UT Austin Hogg ushers will help you find your seats if you have any questions.

If you are sitting on the balcony please do not place items on the balcony railings!

We do not want to have items like cell phones, drinks or purses falling and hitting patrons below.

Bion Tsang 3.1.17


Bion Tsang 3.1.17

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017

Grammy-nominated cellist, professor, and arranger Bion Tsang is a real treasure in the Austin classical music community. Born in Michigan to Chinese parents, Bion started his musical career on the piano at age 6, but quickly added on the cello. He worked his way through school, ended up with a Master’s degree from Yale, and quickly made professional debuts with the Moscow Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic. He still regularly performs all over the world, but you’re just as likely to find him in his office on the 5th floor of the music building at the University of Texas, where he’s a Professor of Cello. He’s got a new album out, The Blue Rock Sessions, which captures his favorite melodies from the classical and romantic repertoire and distils them beautifully and elegantly into a cello and piano arrangement, with Bion’s own central texas twist. Bion stopped by Studio 1A to give us a preview of an exciting performance he’s a part of; he’s performing the live score to Alfred Hitchcock’s early silent film The Lodger with the Texas Guitar Quartet. Check out their performance below!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Performances**

5/5 – Hitchcock’s THE LODGER (with Live Score ) at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane

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The Forgotten Prophets 2.7.17


The Forgotten Prophets 2.7.17

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017

If a lot of acts today are considered genre-bending, The Forgotten Prophets are tying genres in knots using only their tongues, while doing backflips through flaming hoops over shark-infested waters. James Anderson (violin), Chris Bell (guitars), Jonathan Geer (piano, keyboards), Aaron Lack (drums, percussion), Pat Harris (bass), and Steve Schwelling (drums, percussion) put a focus on blending classical and popular music in a way that will make everyone want to listen. Part of the reason that they can pull that off is because they’re all ridiculously talented; each member has at least one degree in music, and have they’ve all been playing music in Austin for decades. The Forgotten Prophets came into Studio 1A to show us some of their new stuff, check it out below!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

2/12 REVEL Unclassified @ 4th Tap Brewing Company, noon.

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