Bobby Jealousy at KUTX 2.13.13

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Bobby Jealousy at KUTX 2.13.13

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013

Austin band Bobby Jealousy do what they please. Not ones to limit themselves to one genre, on their debut album A Little Death, they jump from soul to Brit pop to classic rock with reckless abandon. For some bands, that would be really annoying, but for Bobby Jealousy, it works. They keep themselves fresh by wildly changing their style at any given moment. Many people have called the band one of the most unique currently playing in Austin, and they are not wrong.

Bobby Jealousy is releasing a new album this week at Red 7 but before that they stopped by KUTX to record a few songs in Studio 1A. Enjoy!

Bobby Jealousy in Studio 1a "Bobby Jealousy in Studio 1a"