KUTX Ticket Giveaways

So you won a pair of tickets on the air from KUTX and are now wondering how to get them. This page is here to help! Some shows require that you pick up your tickets from our offices, some don’t. Find your show (CTRL + F) on the list along with instructions on how to get your tickets. Got questions? Scroll all the way down for the FAQ.

  • Will Call = Your tickets will be at the event Box Office (for fancy shows) or on a guest list at the door (less fancy shows). Bring your ID!
  • Email = Tickets will be emailed to you the week of the show, no later than the morning of the show, by KUTX or the event promoter (be sure to check spam folders).
  • Hard Tickets = Tickets, badges, or wristbands must be picked up from KUTX. Please call ahead to make sure your tickets are ready! Scroll down for hours, directions, parking and phone. Unless noted below, hard tickets are ready for pickup – still, we highly recommend calling before coming to KUTX.



If you need to pick up tickets from KUTX, please give us at least one business day to get them ready for you (especially if you won them on a weekend, because Mondays are hard for everybody.) Please call our Front Desk (512-471-1631) to ensure your tickets are ready before you make the trip to KUTX (unless you enjoy sitting in Austin traffic for no reason.)

Hours: KUTX is open for business Monday-Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. However  . . .

THIS PART IS SUPER IMPORTANT, SO READ IT CAREFULLY: KUTX is closed weekends and holidays (despite the live humans you might hear on the air.) This means if your show falls on a weekend or holiday, you’ll need to pick your tickets up by 5 P.M. the last business day prior. We are not able to give you your tickets on a weekend or holiday, so please do not ask this of us, because we will say no, and we hate saying no (but we will say it anyway.)

Directions: KUTX is located in the Belo Center for New Media, on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe, on the campus of the University of Texas (the exact address is 300 W. Dean Keeton, 78712.) We’re on the first floor, at the west end of the building (you’ll see big metal letters over our lobby door.)

Parking! We have parking! Our parking spaces are in the alley behind the Belo Center for New Media. The alley is one-way, and is accessible only from Whittis Avenue (not from Guadalupe.) You may park in any space marked “30 MINUTES WITH FLASHERS.” Remember to turn on your flashers (some call them “hazards”) or you might be ticketed by the University of Texas. (And then it really wouldn’t be a free show anymore, would it?)



. . . about e-mailed tickets:

When will I receive my tickets by email?
We usually receive e-tickets from promoters a couple days before the show, and we email them to winners as soon as we get them. If it’s one business day away from the show and you haven’t received your tickets, please contact us, as it’s quite possible that the human radio host took your email down incorrectly.

It’s Saturday and the show is tonight and I still don’t have my e-tickets! Help!
KUTX is closed weekends and holidays. Please make sure to contact us the last business day before your show.

I can’t go to the show. Can I give my tickets to a friend?
Sure! We’re still going to email them to you, but you can forward them to a friend. Once they’re in your inbox, they’re yours to use as you please.

. . . about will call / guest list:

My tickets are Will Call, but I can’t go to the show. Can I give them to a friend?
Maaay-be. If it’s still a week out from the show, let us know – we may be able to change the name.  If it’s the day of the event (or last business day before), we’ve probably already submitted the list, at which point the matter is between you and the venue box office.

. . . about hard tickets:

I can’t make it to KUTX. Can someone else pick up my hard tickets for me?
Sure! Just call the front desk (512-471-1631) and let them know the name of the person who’ll be picking them up.

I live outside of Austin. Can you mail them to me?
We can, but the best option is still to have someone pick them up for you. We don’t send tickets by certified mail and are not responsible for their loss.

It’s Saturday and I forgot to pick up my tickets and the show is tonight! Can someone meet me at the station to give me my tickets?
No. (Please see, above, “This Part is Super Important, So Read It Carefully.”)

Can’t the host who is on the air just give them to me?
For safety reasons, hosts are not asked to answer the door outside business hours. (Also, the ticket drawer is locked after hours, and our hosts love live music way too much to be trusted with the key.)

Other questions?Don’t see your show listed? Holler at us.