KUTX Ticket Giveaways

Hooray! You won tickets from KUTX! Some shows require you to pick up tickets from KUTX, others don’t. To find out how to get your tickets, follow the steps below.



Find your show in the list below and note the ticket type, then continue on to Step 2 to find out how/when you’ll get them. (Pay special attention in Step 2 if your show is on a weekend/holiday, as KUTX is closed weekends/holidays!)

KEY: SHOW (alphabetical by band name or artist’s first name) / DATE / VENUE / TICKET TYPE / STATUS

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Al Green / Apr 24 / Bass Concert Hall / please read Bass’ clear bag policy before the show / hard tickets / not in yet!*

Amos Lee / March 22 & 23 / ACL Live / email

♥ KUTX Presents Bayonne / Feb 15 / Mohawk Indoors / guest list

Beck and Cage the Elephant, with Spoon and Wild Belle / July 26 / Austin360 Amphitheatre / hard tickets / not in yet!*

Better Oblivion Community Center / Apr 9 / Mohawk / hard tickets

Blood Orange / Feb 22 / Emo’s / hard tickets

Bob Mould / Apr 3 / Mohawk / hard tickets

♥ Bob Schneider & the Moonlight Orchestra / Feb 14 / ACL Live / email

Bob Weir / March 23 / Bass Concert Hall / hard tickets

Book of Love / Feb 23 / ACL Live / email

Bryan Ferry / Aug 23 / ACL Live / email

Buddy Guy / March 28 / ACL Live / email

Car Seat Headrest / Feb 28 / Emo’s / hard tickets

KUTX’s Sunday Morning Jazz Presents Chick Corea & Bela Fleck / May 4 / The Paramount / hard tickets / not in yet!*

The Church / Apr 29 / 3TEN ACL Live / email

Citizen Cope / April 7 / ACL Live / email

David Gray / May 25 / ACL Live / email

KUTX Presents Deerhunter / Apr 29 / Mohawk / guest list

Deer Tick / May 14 / Scoot Inn / hard tickets / not in yet!*

Earth, Wind and Fire / March 12 / ACL Live / email

KUTX is proud to support From the Hills With Love / Plum Creek Sound / Mar 16 / email (by the week of the event)

G Love & Special Sauce / Feb 16 / Scoot Inn / hard tickets

Girlpool / May 7 / Mohawk / guest list

KUTX Presents Grupo Fantasma / Mar 29 / Mohawk / guest list

♥ Hayes Carll / Feb 22 / 3TEN ACL Live / email

Imogen Heap / June 1 / ACL Live / email

Antone’s and KUTX Live at The Paramount present Jackie Venson / April 12 / The Paramount /  hard tickets / not in yet!*

KUTX Presents Jeff Lofton’s 1950s Miles Davis Tribute / April 6 / Stateside at The Paramount / will call

Jeff Tweedy / March 7 / The Paramount / hard tickets

Jenny Lewis / April 6 / ACL Live / email

Jim James / May 11 / Stubb’s / hard tickets

KUTX Live at The Paramount Presents Josh Ritter / June 15 / The Paramount Theatre /  hard tickets / not in yet!*

Kacey Musgraves / Mar 9 and 10, 2019 / Stubb’s / hard tickets

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard / Sept 4 / Stubb’s /  hard tickets / not in yet!*

♥ KUTX’s The Breaks Presents Love Lockdown / Feb 15 / Empire Control Room / guest list

Lucinda Williams / Apr 8 / ACL Live / email

♥ Heard and KUTX Present Mamahawk / Feb 16 / Empire Control Room / guest list

Mark Knopfler / Sept 7 / ACL Live / email

KUTX Presents Mike Doughty / Mar 30 / 3TEN ACL Live / email

Max Frost / April 4 / Scoot Inn / hard tickets

Metric and Zoé / Mar 2 / ACL Live / email

♥ KUTX Presents Moving Panoramas / Feb 22 / Barracuda / guest list

Old Settler’s Music Festival / Apr 11-15 / Tilman, TX / email (by the week of the event)

Peter Bjorn and John / April 26 / 3TEN ACL Live / email

KUTX Live at The Paramount Presents Pink Martini / Apr 9 / The Paramount / hard tickets / not in yet!*

Post Animal with Ron Gallo / Feb 22 / Barracuda / guest list

Rainbow Kitten Surprise / Feb 17 & 18 / ACL Live / email

KUTX Presents SASAMI / May 9 / Barracuda / guest list

Spiritualized / March 25 / Emo’s / hard tickets

Stephen Marley / March 2 / Scoot Inn / hard tickets

St. Paul & The Broken Bones / May 10 / Stubb’s / hard tickets

The Tallest Man on Earth / April 23 / ACL Live / email

Telekinesis / April 24 / 3TEN ACL Live / email

Vampire Weekend / Aug 20 & 21 / ACL Live / email

Yeah Yeah Yeahs / May 7 / ACL Live / email

The Zombies / March 2 / Mohawk / guest list

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   Don’t see your show on here? Holler at us.



The ticket type next to your show will determine how you receive your tickets. 

EMAIL: Your tickets will be emailed to you by KUTX or the event promoter, no later than the morning of the show (for weekday shows) or the morning of the last business day before the show (for weekend and holiday shows). Check your spam folders. Don’t see them? Call the KUTX Front Desk at 512-471-1631 for help during business hours.

WILL CALL: Your tickets will be at the event Box Office. Tickets will be in your name, so you’ll need a picture ID to claim them.

GUEST LIST: Your name, +1, will be on a list at the door. Bring your ID!

HARD TICKETS & WRISTBANDS: Your tickets, badges, or wristbands must be picked up from KUTX’s front desk. If they’re listed, above, as “ready; call ahead,” this means they’re ready for pick-up … HOWEVER, please: 1) give us at least one business day to get them ready for you (especially if you won them on a weekend, because Mondays are hard for everybody) and 2) call our Front Desk (512-471-1631) before you make the trip. (If you don’t call ahead and your tickets aren’t ready when you arrive, KUTX is not responsible for your traffic-induced headache.) If your tickets are listed, above, as “not in yet,” we’ll send you an email when they’re ready to be picked up. For directions and parking, please scroll down to the FAQ section, below. And, for the love of all that is good and holy, please read the next paragraph …



KUTX is open Monday-Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. We are closed weekends and holidays (despite the live humans you hear on our air.) This means that if you’re trying to pick up your tickets at 5:05 on the day of the show, or trying to reach us on Saturday because you haven’t received your email tickets, you are what we call s*** out of luck. Hard tickets must be picked up no later than 5 P.M. on the last business day prior to the show.

We are not able to assist you with hard tickets, emailed tickets, or guest list changes on weekends, holidays, or after-hours on weekdays, so please do not ask this of us, because we will say no, and we hate saying no (but we will say it anyway).

We recommend that you preemptively read the FAQ (next section) related to your ticket type, even if you don’t currently have any questions. (You know, just in case.)



. . . about WILL CALL & GUEST LIST:

I can’t go to the show. Can you put my friend’s name on the list instead?
If it’s 5 or more business days out from the show, contact us – we can most likely make that change. If it’s the day of the event (or last business day before), you’ll need to contact the venue or box office to make changes.

I’m at the show, but the box office/door is telling me I’m not on the list! 
You won free tickets, you’re feelin’ cool, and then you’re denied entrance at the door: NO FUN. Thankfully, this happens about as often as snow in Austin. But if it happens, please call 512-471-6150 and follow the recorded instructions. We’ll do our best to assist you. If we’re unable to assist you, we’ll find a way to make it up to you.

. . . about EMAIL:

When will I receive my tickets by email?
We usually receive e-tickets from promoters a couple days before the show, and we email them to winners as soon as we get them. If it’s one business day away from the show and you haven’t received your tickets, check your spam folder. If you still don’t find them there, feel free to contact us, as it’s quite possible that the Human Radio Host took your email down incorrectly. However, be sure to contact us the last business day before your show, as we’re closed evenings, weekends, and holidays (but you know that already because you read all that important stuff in Step 2).

I can’t go to the show. Can I give my tickets to a friend?
Sure! We’re still going to email them to you, but you can forward them to a friend. Once they’re in your inbox, they’re yours to use as you please.

It’s Saturday and the show is tonight and I still don’t have my e-tickets! Help!

. . . about HARD TICKETS:

Where is KUTX located?
We are located in the Belo Center for New Media, on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe, on the campus of the University of Texas (the exact address is 300 W. Dean Keeton, 78712). We’re on the first floor, at the west end of the building (you’ll see big metal letters over our lobby door.)

Is there parking at KUTX?
YES! Our parking spaces are in the alley behind the Belo Center. This alley is one-way, and only accessible from Whittis Avenue, not from Guadalupe. You may park in any space marked “30 Minutes with Flashers.” Remember to turn on your flashers or you might be ticketed by the University of Texas (and then it really wouldn’t be a free show anymore, would it?)

I can’t make it to KUTX. Can someone else pick up my hard tickets for me?
Sure! Just call the front desk (512-471-1631) and let them know the name of the person who’ll be picking them up.

I live outside of Austin. Can you mail them to me?
We can, but the best option is still to have someone pick them up for you. We don’t send tickets by certified mail and are not responsible for their loss.

It’s Saturday and I forgot to pick up my tickets and the show is tonight! Can someone meet me at the station to give me my tickets?

But I hear a host on the air – can’t they just give them to me?
For their safety, hosts are instructed to not answer the door outside business hours. (Also, the ticket drawer is locked after-hours. Our hosts love live music way too much to be trusted with the key.)

Help! I picked up my tickets, but then I lost them. What do I do?
Once picked up, tickets are the winner’s responsibility, as KUTX does not track seat assignments or ticket numbers issued to winners. Our advice is to contact the box office and let them know you won tickets from KUTX but lost them (sometimes they might be able to help you in this situation). Pro-tip! When you pick up your tickets, take a picture of them with your phone so you have proof of your seat assignment and/or barcode. If your tickets are lost, you might have a better chance of getting a replacement issued by the box office. If it’s at least one business day out from the show, contact us and we’ll ask the promoter to reissue your tickets.

. . . about CANCELLED SHOWS:

The show I won tickets to was canceled. Can you give me tickets to another show?
If the show was canceled due to an error on KUTX’s part, we will absolutely make good on it. If it was canceled due to situations outside of KUTX’s control (i.e., inclement weather, artist cancelation, etc.), we cannot offer you tickets to another show. In most cases where a show is rescheduled, your tickets will be good for the new date (we’ll usually send you an email to confirm this). However, in a case where a promoter or artist cancels a show with no make-up date, and purchased tickets are refunded, we cannot offer you tickets to another show.

Listeners who have won tickets from KUTX are not allowed to win tickets again for 90 days. However, if you won tickets to a show that’s been canceled, your 90-day period resets; you are free to call in to win tickets again.


Not satisfied with any of these answers? Holler.