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  Scenery: “Smoke & Mirrors”  

Austin electro-pop outfit Scenery features members of Brazos, Pompeii, and Belaire. Download their new song and catch them at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Saturday.

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  Scenery: “Radio Beach”  

Austin’s Scenery filters its power-pop through a new wave haze on its debut single. Download it here and catch the band at the Mohawk tomorrow night.

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  Tele Novella: “Hair Of The Dog”  

Tele Novella’s “Hair Of The Dog” is perfect for the costumed throngs out at Levitation this weekend–or better yet, the morning after. Download it here!

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  Tele Novella: “Trouble In Paradise”  

Like many of their ’60s forbears, Tele Novella’s medium is the 7″ single, where the canvas is just two songs. On the A-side of their new single, the Austin group easily captures attention with the moody atmosphere of “Trouble In Paradise.”

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  Tele Novella: “No Excalibur”  

Local four-piece Tele Novella is part Voxtrot-slash-Belaire and part Agent Ribbons, but it’s all kinds of sugary sweet.

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