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  Goat: “I Sing In Silence”  

Photo by Andreas Johansson Goat is a Swedish band that plays “world music” in the most literal sense. The group’s sound is nearly unclassifiable, drawing from African blues, American psychedelia, Middle Eastern folk, and more. Goat’s third album, Requiem, dials down some of the past psych-rock explorations in favor of an acoustic, pastoral sound. “I […]

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  Imarhan 4.29.16  

Another Levitation castaway, Imarhan brought their distinctively funky take on traditional Tuareg music to Studio 1A after dangerous weather derailed their scheduled gig out at the festival.

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  Imarhan: “Assossamagh”  

Like Tinariwen and Bombino before them, Imarhan is bringing its bluesy, psychedelic Tuareg rock to Western ears. Catch them at Levitation Fest tomorrow and download a free song here.

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  Bombino: “Timtar (Memories)”  

Bombino’s own musical map draws from psychedelic rock and traditional Tuareg music, linking Jimi Hendrix with the Sahara. Learn more and download a free song here.

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  KUTX Live Vol. 7  

KUTX Live Vol. 7 represents the best of the Austin Music Experience, the one-of-a-kind collection is only available during our Spring membership drive, when you give $10/month to support KUTX.