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  Wednesday at Trace  

‘Careless Creatures’ is a return to where it all began. Wiretree’s Kevin Peroni performs this Wednesday, Sept. 22, at Trace, an early show presented by ACL Live and The W…

  Stream Pick: Borderline Social Club  

John Krajicek presents the Borderline Social Club, Wednesday nights at 7:30PM Central on Facebook, this Wednesday May 6th featuring Kevin Peroni, Graham Weber and Jaimee Harris…

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  Wiretree: “Nightlight”  

Check out the brand new single and music video from this Austin-based indie rock band!

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  Wiretree: “Rainy Corner”  

Enjoy a brand new solo-recorded single from Kevin Peroni before seeing Wiretree this Friday at Mohawk!

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  Love Austin Music: International Pop Overthrow  

It’s a stellar line-up of international (pop) proportions! Local bands shine at International Pop Overthrow, kicking off tonight and continuing through Saturday at the Mohawk…

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