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KUTX Volunteer Orientation

Part 1: About KUTX


Founded in 2013 by sister-station KUT, KUTX is dedicated to supporting the Austin music scene. KUTX is a non-profit, listener-supported public radio station. Though KUTX is owned and operated by the University of Texas, it is not a student-run station. (However, students play a big part as supporters, interns, and volunteers.)


KUTX plays a variety of independent and alternative music – everything from rock to hip hop to alt-country to electronica. We play a mix of international, national, and local artists, with a strong emphasis on Austin music. You’ll hear Austin artists played every hour, plus we bring local artists into our studios regularly and spotlight an Austin artist every month with our Artist-of-the-Month feature. As part of your volunteer training, it’s important that you’re familiar with the station’s current sound. Listen to the station, browse our playlist, and know who’s been chosen for this month’s Artist of the Month.


KUTX hosts range from Austin radio legends like John Aielli, Jody Denberg, and Susan Castle, to up-and-comers like Taylor Wallace, Jack Anderson, and Paul Carruba, and they all live right here in Austin (with one exception: John E Dee commutes from Dallas to host the Old School Dance Party every Friday afternoon!) Our hosts enjoy a freedom that’s unusual for rock radio – while KUTX employs a rotation of new songs picked by our Music Team, hosts largely supplement that rotation with music of their choosing. In addition to our regular programming, KUTX airs a handful of specialty shows, like the Old School Dance Party, Sunday Morning Jazz with Jay Trachtenberg, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (“indie music for indie kids”), Sound Opinions, World Cafe, and an all-Latino music show, Horizontes. A basic familiarity with KUTX’s program schedule is essential, as people may ask you questions about it when you volunteer.


KUTX airs on the radio in Austin, Texas at 98.9 FM. You can also stream KUTX online, worldwide.

You can find/follow/like/friend/love KUTX on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


KUTX is a non-profit, community-supported radio station. Over 85% of what it takes to keep KUTX on the air comes from the community that values it. That community includes local businesses and listeners.

Two times per year, KUTX uses its airwaves to ask listeners to become members. We call these our Membership Drives.



Listeners support KUTX by making tax-deductible, financial gifts. When they do this, they become Members of KUTX. There are two types of listener Membership:

  1. One-time gift ($5 and up)
    • Requires that the donor renew their membership annually.
  2. Sustaining Membership (starts at $5 per month)
    • The donor never needs to renew their membership – monthly support continues until the donor decides to change it;
    • Automatically deducted each month from the donor’s credit or debit card;
    • Easier on the donor’s budget, as it spreads support out monthly (i.e., instead of a one-time gift of $120, it’s a monthly gift of $10);
    • Sustaining Membership saves KUTX money; funds normally spent on soliciting renewals can be put to other uses.

Businesses can also support KUTX by buying underwriting messages, or by joining the Business Circle during our membership drives.

When you meet KUTX supporters at events, be sure to thank them for their support! Send any listeners who inquire about membership or who want to give to kutx.org.

If, while volunteering, you receive a question to which you don’t have an answer, please take down the person’s question and contact info, and email it to the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator.