KUTX Volunteer Orientation

Part 4: Additional Opportunities


To join additional teams, log in to Shiftboard, then select My Account in the navigation bar to open your profile. In your profile, click “Add Teams” in the right-hand sidebar. You’ll see listed all the teams that you’re not yet a member of (you’ll also see some teams that relate to KUT – you can filter those by choosing your station preference in the drop-down, pictured below.) WAIT! Before you add yourself to any additional teams, you’ll want to read below for descriptions of them, as some you’ll be able to add yourself to, some will require special training or approval, and some will require you to sign a blood-contract agreeing to name your first-born child “KUTX.”



As you’ll recall from earlier in this orientation, being part of the KUTX Ambassador Team requires a deeper level of knowledge and engagement. This team is for big fans of KUTX – you listen often, maybe have a favorite host … in other words, you’d feel pretty comfortable talking about the station and music to other KUTX fans. As a member of this team, you’ll be eligible to work the KUTX table or tent at a variety of festivals and cultural events, plus KUTX-produced events like Rock the Park and KUTX Live at The Four Seasons.

Joining this team requires both manager approval and completion of this orientation (so keep going, yeah?)


VOLUNTEER ONSITE (no training needed)

The following teams will provide you with additional volunteer opportunities that happen onsite at KUTX’s offices and studios. You can add yourself to these teams on Shiftboard in the same way you added yourself to the KUTX Street Team:

  • Fund Drives: Come into our offices and make thank-you calls to our members during KUT|KUTX fund drives. No training needed. Plus, we feed you!
  • KUT General: Into more than just music? Then you should definitely join this team! Our sister station, KUT, hosts a number of events including live NPR shows, podcast tapings, election-related events, and other stuff that will make you sound smarter at cocktail parties.

VOLUNTEER ONSITE (training required)

The following teams require special training. You can’t add yourself to these teams, but you can add yourself to their corresponding training teams (listed below, in red) to be notified of the next training opportunity!

  • KUTX Studio 1A: Studio 1A volunteers help check in guests and get to enjoy a front-row seat at exclusive performances by bands that drop by Studio 1A. Most sessions happen during business hours, so daytime availability is required. If you’re interested in this team, join the KUTX Studio 1A Training Team to be notified of the next training opportunity.
  • Studio Tour: Volunteers on this team conduct tours of the KUT and KUTX studios for station visitors. If you’re interested in this team, join the Studio Tour Training Team to be notified of the next training opportunity.
  • KUTX After Hours Bartender: KUTX has a dedicated, long-time volunteer who serves as our bartender at our twice-monthly KUTX After Hours events in Studio 1A. Should she not be able to work an event, this team serves as our backup. Current TABC certification is required to be a part of this team. There is no training team – request to join this team only if your TABC certification is current.


A FINAL, IMPORTANT STEP: Agree to our unreasonable terms

J/K, they’re totally reasonable! And also very important, as you won’t be able to volunteer for us until you’ve agreed to them. The Volunteer Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement is a form used for all volunteers with access to KUT|KUTX’s facilities, computers, donor data and information. In order to provide the highest quality of services, maintain the confidence of donors and staff, preserve integrity, safety and respect, and comply with laws and regulations, we require all volunteers to read and complete the agreement.

It’s a quick (albeit dry) read, but it should only take a minute and you can agree to it via the form, below. Once you’ve agreed to the terms and hit “submit” on the form, you’ll have completed the orientation! You can contact the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator if you have any further questions or any time you need assistance.

THANK YOU … for loving KUTX and for offering your valuable time! Without the dedication of volunteers like you, we couldn’t fulfill our mission of connecting listeners – here in Texas and around the world – with the unique sounds of Austin.