Palo Duro

The beginnings of Austin’s Palo Duro date all the way back to 2012, when Gold Beach leader Michael Winningham sought some help from an old friend to try and finish the group’s latest album. Sam Cohen, who first helped Michael arrange a song when they were both sixteen years old, has gone on to produce the likes of Kevin Morby and Benjamin Booker, and his collaboration with Winningham quickly led to something bigger than either of them expected. Time passed, keyboardist Carlos Orozco was recruited, ideas flowed, and whatever the end results were, it became obvious this was no longer Gold Beach. More musicians joined the rotating cast, numerous songs were recorded, and Palo Duro was born. By last year, the band had come to the attention of Brian Burton (Danger Mouse), who released their first single, “Darken The Glow” on his 30th Century label in March of this year. Now comes the band’s first full-length, Ryou Cannon, which expands on “Darken”’s driving world-funk and atmospheric drive. 

– Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Director


10/27 @ Cheer Up Charlies

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