A Love No Longer

Ali Ditto

Even if you bothered looking behind you, nothing would be there. Only ghosts. The heartbreaking, gut-wrenching romances of the past tend to fade over time. Yet there are those fleeting moments of wondering why…what the hell was it about…and maybe even, whom. Who was this person, and why did it feel like the end of the world when it was over?

The distance between present time and past loves is the story behind “In the Name of Something,” the new single by songwriter Alain ParadisHoly Wire, released today. Through a synth-heavy exploration of ’80s new wave and dark wave, the narrator carries dramatic memories of emotions that shook him to the core, but…for what? The details are no longer the freshly stinging wounds they once were. “I fell to my knees at the altar of / something I don’t remember now…”

Holy Wire’s single release show is tonight, Wednesday Aug. 31, at The Parish, 501 Brushy St. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the bill features performances by country glam crooner Pelvis Wrestley and synth/dancewave collective T.C. Superstar.

AMM Aug. 31 2022

Holy Wire single release show at The Parish, Wednesday Aug. 31, with Pelvis Wrestley and T.C. Superstar.

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