A Night To Shine

Austin Music Minute

A Night To Shine

Posted by on Sep 25, 2018

So, there’s thing thing that happens every Tuesday. It includes Hotel Vegas, The Volstead and the Hotel Vegas Concession Stand (your brain-fried AMM host wasn’t aware that was a thing, but here you go). It’s Steak Night, and in addition to a steak dinner made available for all the cool kids who come by, you also get three local artists providing your early-evening soundtrack. Tonight’s line-up is another set of Austin Music Minute favorites:

-This former So Long, Problems ace pens beautiful tunes and…is a self-proclaimed laser enthusiast. Sign me up. Mike Schoenfeld brings you songs of love and acceptance from his excellent EP, Little Feet.

-This cellist, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and basically all-around badass can weave a haunting tale or two – and does one hell of a Beyonce “Sorry” cover. XO. Mary Beth is magnificent.

-Those sweet, magical vocals carry you to another place and time. The leader of Lightchasers with a Mixtape from the heart, Daisy O’Connor croons while you swoon.

Get a  move on. It’s a free show, and the music starts at 8 p.m. Recommended, with love.

-Photo of Daisy O’Connor by Nicola Gell Photography.