Back In Town, Baby

Any hard-working band will tell you that life on the road can be draining, hazardous, and absolutely well worth going for. Hooka Hey will back up the Austin Music Minute on this. It’s tough, but rewarding, and you’re doing what you love, in addition to sharing what you’ve created with other people in different cities.

The local quartet, featuring songwriter and vocalist Hugo de Saint Quentin, just wrapped up a summer tour. After spending three weeks on the road, traveling nearly five thousand miles, and playing 16 shows with very little rest in between, and…who knows how much beer consumed, it was time to close it out and head back to Austin. Of course, what’s the first thing they’re going to do now that they’re home? Play a show. Duh.

Catch Hooka Hey tonight at the Javelina Bar, 69 Rainey St. It’s a night of blazing rock, featuring Daniel Eyes and The Vibes on the bill. The music kicks off at 9 p.m., and it’s a free show. Free. Your favorite price. Recommended for a bit of Thursday night face-melting.

– Photography by Barbara FG.

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