Bottle Rockets and Marshall Crenshaw

Mention the Bottle Rockets to any fan, and they’ll most likely list the band’s self-titled debut (1992) and The Brooklyn Side (1994) as their best two albums ever, with good reason. They’re regarded as one of the pioneering bands of roots rock, doing a rowdy bang-up job of combining country with rock and punk before there was even an alt.-country genre to define anything like it.

Before the Bottle Rockets emerged in the early ’90s, songwriter/producer Marshall Crenshaw made his own smashing debut with his 1982 self-titled album. So many other impressive releases followed, along with several high-profile artists recording his compositions (including Ronnie Spector and Bette Midler), ultimately defining Crenshaw as an outstanding artist himself.

Tonight is the night you get to experience the brilliance of both. The Bottle Rockets and Marshall Crenshaw perform tonight at 3Ten at ACL Live, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Don’t miss a moment. Recommended.

-Photo of the Bottle Rockets by Otis Gibbs.

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