San Francisco-based avant-punk/psych outfit CHROME is often referenced as post-punk, but they’re more often cited as a forerunner of industrial music, or the “godfathers of what became the industrial rock movement,” with wildly experimental sounds, unique instrument manipulation, and a ruthless deconstruction/reconstruction of rock that didn’t fit any convenient label at the time. Really, it was – is – chaotic brilliance.

CHROME was founded by the late drummer/vocalist Damon Edge in 1975, and joined by guitarist/vocalist Helios Creed the following year. Creed continues to lead the band’s current line-up.

Speaking of which, heads up, fellow hardcore music geeks: They’re in Austin for a show tonight at Barracuda, 711 E. 6th St. And you can’t go wrong with this line-up – Austin band Burnt Skull, and Fort Worth band Mind Spiders.

Get there now. This one comes very recommended.

-Image courtesy of the artist.

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