Chromed Up

Who: Yes, on today’s Austin Music Minute, your humble AMM host referred to The Young‘s Hans Zimmerman as the “psychotic shredder.” Well, it’s true. After making their Matador debut with the upbeat fuzz fest Dub Egg (2012), they bring the darker goods on their follow-up release, the searing Chrome Cactus, with both Zimmerman and fellow guitarist Kyle Edwards showing no mercy. The band’s obscurity is a bit of a mystery, especially being on a high-profile indie label, but does it matter to Zimmerman? Nah. They make music and play because they want to.

What: Time for you to experience this fiery business live and at full volume.

When: TONIGHT, with wicked fierce Melbourne quartet Deaf Wish, and local freaks ST37 and James Arthur’s Manhunt.

Where: The Mohawk, 912 Red River, inside stage.

Why the hell: They may be under the radar, but The Young is a must-see for anyone with a taste for merciless shredding and self-deprecating humor. So recommended, with earplugs. Go.

– Photography by Autumn Spadaro.

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