Clash the Truth

Despite the detailed decision-making within the recording process of Brooklyn band Beach Fossils‘ 2012 full-length Clash the Truth, the basic formula was simple:  Record the drums and bass live, in the same room, and get Ben Greenberg of The Men to produce the album. Next to recording lo-fi in a bedroom or basement, especially if you’re kicking things up a notch in the production quality, what could be as raw and spontaneous? Songwriter and front man Dustin Payseur had a method for his madness, and the results are as energized and driven as the vibe the band produces so naturally on stage.

Beach Fossils began in 2009 as Payseur’s solo project, and early on the band had developed a reputation for high-energy live performances that could sway even the most too-cool-for-school indie crowds. That kind of intensity fascinated Payseur, and he wanted to somehow capture that immediacy and potency on Clash the Truth. And, while the album is hardly a punk record (some would say post-punk), there are similarities in the pacing and the dynamic.

Beach Fossils will be in town for a show Wednesday night at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St. This is a damn fine bill, if I do say so myself, featuring post-punk wolf-pack Foreign Mothers and psych-groove brain-disintegrating rockers Low Times. Delish. Doors open at 9 p.m. Do not miss out, and pick up a copy of Clash the Truth while you’re at it. Recommended.

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