Dirty Pictures, Part 2

They’re on fire. Does your AMM host exaggerate? No.

It’s an indisputable fact, amongst the hardcore fans and new converts alike, that Low Cut Connie should be at the top of your list of must-see bands live. This Philadelphia rock ‘n’ soul outfit is not your average band, and with front man/pianist Adam Weiner shredding those keys and rousing the crowds like a freakin’ madman, it’s quite clear you’re in for not just a show, but an experience. It’s this unrivaled showmanship igniting the atmosphere with old-school vibes that confirms it’s the real deal. NPR Music totally nailed it when they invoked the names of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard when describing Low Cut Connie’s fiery spirit.

As much as Weiner is truly grateful for all the mad love for the wild abandon of his band’s performances, he shifts the focus away from the wildness for a bit to provide a few revelatory glances into the inner-workings and complexities within the songwriting. There’s a huge part of Low Cut Connie’s fifth release, Dirty Pictures, Part 2, that taps into the persona of individuals who may be outcasts of society, living on the edge, but they’re as damn real as they come. Real stories about real-life souls, beneath the sweat-drenched exterior of those Pentecostal-like performances.

Here’s your chance to get in on the excitement. Low Cut Connie is in the ATX for two shows, tonight and tomorrow, at the Mohawk, 912 Red River. Nashville artist Ruby Boots and Austin hoodlum renegades from hell Magic Rockers of Texas share the bill tonight, on the inside stage.

It’s all sizzling, babe. So recommended. xo

-Photography by David Norbut.

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