Everything Is You

Yes, it’s truly a band of brothers – for the most part. Local quartet Auroravore consists of three siblings:  Peter, Michael and Marcus Brown, and honorary brother Erik Garven, who may as well be their brother because the four musicians grew up together in Austin.

Throughout the years, they’d been in several different bands, together and individually, and along the way, their list of influences began to grow. They are each bona fide music fiends, listening to more than their share of albums and keeping up with, as they’ve explained, “a ridiculous amount of bands,” including local bands. In 2008, Erik, Peter and Michael moved in together and built a studio for the then newly-formed Auroravore, and Marcus joined a couple of years later. As one would imagine, each member brings quite a few things to the band’s sound because of so many different inspirations from multiple musical genres. However, they prefer to keep these influences rather subtle in their own work.

Definitely worth checking out. Auroravore is celebrating the release of their new album at a show tonight at The North Door, 502 Brushy St. at E. 5th. It’s a fun line-up for the evening with the electrifying rock/pop swoony crooners Bobby Jealousy and funkified neo-soul/dance electro-grovers Sip Sip. DJ No Kid$ is spinning between sets, with projections by artist and designer Jeff Kurihara and special screen-printing courtesy of local design studio Cognitive Duty. Doors open at 9 p.m. Recommended.

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