Getting Heavy Tonight

Who: It’s always a great time for rock ‘n’ roll. Songwriter and musician Danny Bravo‘s been on that vibe for some time now. He released the first EP for his musical project, The Bravo, in 2004 with producer Kevin Butler, and a most fitting, very rock ‘n’ roll title (edited for content on this webpage) – My Ideas Are F#%ked. However, throughout those years, Bravo kept incredibly busy working with various other bands, including rock trio Megabig. Now, The Bravo returns full force with rock, big doses of dirty glam, and all the party vibes. Turn it up.

What: You’ve got an opportunity to see The Bravo tear the room up tonight.

When and where: The Mohawk, 912 Red River, inside stage. Doors open at 9 p.m., and the bill includes sets by “pop ‘n’ strut” hoodlums Street Dads and punk/art rockers DAD THE FROG. Lots of dads here. Sort of. But not really.

Why: Looks as though everyone on this bill is bringing the rock. Get there early to catch all three bands. Recommended.

– Photo courtesy of the artist.


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