Hot Hot Hot

Tonight is the big kickoff for Hot Summer Nights 4, a mini-fest presented by Red River Cultural District featuring four nights of free live music at participating venues.

It’s a bit overwhelming with so much choose from, so make sure to check the RRCD’s website for links to venues with each evening’s line-ups and set times. And of course, the AMM has a few band picks for you: Cheer Up Charlie’s shows with Big Bill, Mélat, Mama Duke and Van Mary; Swan Dive shows with Honey Made and Christine Renner; Urban Heat (featured on today’s AMM) at Elysium; Lady Shacklin at Flamingo Cantina; Chief Cleopatra at The Green Jay; Calliope Musicals, Trouble In the Streets, Kydd Jones & Tank Washington, Star Parks, and Think No Think at the Mohawk; Trucha Soul and TeddyTheLegacy at Empire Control Room; and Amplified Heat at Valhalla.

*Hot Summer Nights 4 is also providing a COVID-19 vaccine clinic tonight and tomorrow night at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St., 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., in coordination with the City of Austin and the Mayor’s Office. The clinic is free, and both festival attendees and local residents alike are strongly encouraged to stop by. And please remember to bring your mask to each show.

Hot Hot Hot

AMM August 26 2021 || Hot Summer Nights 4, Thursday through Sunday, presented by Red River Cultural District.

-Art courtesy of Red River Cultural District.

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