Hotel Lobby

Jessica Pyrdsa vividly recalls the turmoil that took place in the lobby of some fancy hotel in San Diego. Her boyfriend made an abrupt exit after an argument by driving off, leaving her to collect her shattered thoughts. It was a tear-soaked mess.

But my, what a conveniently-placed baby grand piano can do to therapeutically purge the soul. The song practically wrote itself because of the timeless scenario. Welcome to the oldest story in the book, rife with universal emotion that still cuts like a knife.

This was the birth of the single “Hotel Lobby” by Datura, the first official release from the forthcoming album slated for release this year. The album has been some years in the making, but songwriter and vocalist Pyrdsa is pulling the final pieces together to develop a more conceptual piece before letting it out into the world. You’ll have a chance to hear some of the new music when Datura performs on The Long Center’s Good Vibes Only streaming series, starting at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Wednesday March 24, at Luck Stream.

Hotel Lobby

AMM March 24 2021 || The Long Center's Good Vibes Only series presents Datura

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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