Immense, Intense

The Austin Music Minute assures you this will be one – phenomenal – night. It’s a line-up representing Austin, Dallas and North Carolina at The Far Out Lounge and Stage:

-He brought himself out of the depressive turmoil, because who needs to live with that sh*t? J.K. The Reaper owns the darkness and fearlessly dives into electronic, alternative and multiple other influences to explore the dark corners from which he emerged. And, as J.K. might say himself, that sh*t is raw.

-For awhile, despite struggles with homelessness, rapper and multidisciplinary artist Mike Melinoe had previously set his sights on his hometown of Detroit to unleash his creativity. These days, Austin is where Melinoe creates both visual art, and hip-hop doing a badass genre override, with brush strokes of lo-fi and old-school.

-Composing and experimenting with his own music equipment, rather than borrowed gear and borrowed time, was an eye-opener for Dallas-based artist Coach Tev. It was exploring sounds going well beyond the boom bap. His 2020 EP No Worries, This Is Fine marvels at the resilience (and outward ambivalence) of people as the world crashes down around them. And his unique style and humor also play largely into his outstanding music video productions.

You can see them all perform tomorrow, Thursday September 2, at The Far Out Lounge and Stage, 8504 S. Congress Ave. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the show starts 8 p.m. While this is an outdoor show, please remember to bring your mask.

Immense, Intense

AMM September 1 2021 || J.K. the Reaper, Mike Melinoe & Coach Tev at The Far Out Lounge and Stage, Thu. Sept. 2.

-Photo of Mike Melinoe by Jay Ybarra.

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