MATTIE at The Parish

You get the sensation that MATTIE is not of this world. Those wondrous vocals are like nebulae, luminous, mysterious, always in motion. Though a Dallas-based artist, MATTIE’s spirit is interstellar, and a wonderful introduction to her art can be experienced on her debut EP, Jupiter’s Purse, a journey of its narrator Mhuv (pronounced “move”) exploring the duality of existence. “It’s really a story of myself as Mhuv, and how it’s felt for me to be at times identified with the body as a person,” MATTIE says, “and then other times being able to observe the body, and know myself as that as well, and what that has felt like, kind of being in this sense of duality.”

MATTIE experiments with the fluidity, the narrative, beats and chords of R&B, soul, hip-hop and beyond, resulting in a breathtaking and otherworldly style and performance. Don’t miss MATTIE’s show this Saturday, June 25, at The Parish on Brushy St. Doors open at 8 p.m., with Butcher Bear doing a DJ set afterward.

  • Special thanks to Soundfounder and Butcher Bear of Exploded Drawing for further presenting the AMM with more great musical discovery.

AMM June 23 2022

MATTIE performs at The Parish, Sat. June 25, with a DJ set by Butcher Bear.

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