Rock Show

No one ever said that rock ‘n’ roll can’t be had at The White Horse, 500 Comal St. That stage has seen many an excellent country-western/hillbilly/bluegrass ensemble whip up the honky tonk crowds into a frenzy, but it’s also seen its share of rock bands bringing the house down. Tonight will be another fine example of such high volume and debauchery with a most excellent triple bill:

– Cranking up the rock, punk, metal and blues, it’s Power Chief, fresh from their tour and ready for their return performance.

Ben Ballinger and Blue Mongeon have gathered songs both old and new for the latest line-up of The Dalles. A surefire winner with passionate performances.

– Serving up the power rock straight-up, Under the Sun starts the night out right.

First band goes on at 10 p.m. Don’t leave the earplugs at home. Be sure you bring those unsuspecting South-By visitors so you can take them by surprise. Won’t that be fun? Hurray! Recommended.

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