Saturday Rib Fry

Full disclosure: Your Austin Music Minute host’s musical connection to The Gourds goes back to hometown days in El Paso, TX in the ’90s, where a lot of loyal Gourds fans never missed a show at Wildhare’s on Mesa St. whenever the band was in town. Still have a CD copy of Dem’s Good Beeble bought at the merch table, which is why you hear “Dying of the Pines” on today’s AMM.

That makes today’s livestream performance by Shinyribs‘ Kevin Russell and his former Gourds bandmate Claude Bernard all the more special. And according to Russell, the two will journey through an “in-depth exploration of our musical history,” which may include a story or two since Claude is “King of the Gab.” Join them for the show at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Saturday September 19, on Shinyribs’ Facebook, YouTube channel, and Twitch.

Get ready. Gonna be a good one.

Saturday Rib Fry

AMM September 19 2020 || Kevin Russell and Claude Bernard livestream

-Trippy art courtesy of Kevin Russell.

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