Solo Cemetery Sings

Once again, your humble Austin Music Minute maven will regale you with twitterpated ravings over Father John Misty, the wild and woolly solo project of Josh Tillman. The former Fleet Foxes drummer said a final “meh” to FF’s majestic aesthetic in 2011 before devoting himself entirely to his own demented, devious Los Angeles-slash-Hollywood adventures in songwriting. We’re talking hermit crab hiding in the hills, probably living on nothing but drugs and…maybe some air, occasionally.

But, as I stated previously, let’s just say this was a new musical discovery for me. Even before listening to any of his solo work, most especially Fear Fun, the man would have instantly won me over the moment I read things like “I’M COMING TO YOUR TOWN SO YOU CAN FILM ME WITH YOUR IPHONE!” on his website. That, and the following statement referring to icons linking to his Facebook and Twitter profiles: “These icons may be tiny but they will take you to websites that will be around for at least another 8 months before they are bought and made uncool by major media conglomerates —>.”

I mean, that’s just damned funny.

Both brilliant and bizarre, Father John Misty is the purveyor of a most eccentric brand of folk rock, one of the few artists who can sing about death and have you cracking a smile – perhaps even laughing uproariously. Fear Fun is immersed in strange musings and trippy imagery, and for those of us who appreciate the art of humor macabre, he can be devastatingly funny.

Good news:  Father John Misty returns to Austin for a show tonight at Emo’s, 2015 E. Riverside Dr. Comedian Kate Berlant will make a most interesting opener for the show, but then again, a comedian also seems an ideal start to something that’s bound to have plenty of twisted humor. Doors open at 8 p.m. And this one comes highly recommended. As well you know.

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