Stream Pick: The Johnny Show

This is (yet again) another slightly selfish Austin Music Minute post. Your AMM host got word that this will be the last of Johnny Goudie‘s happy hour live stream sets…for now. Fingers crossed that maybe other shows will pop up in the not so distant future.

Goudie is the multifaceted artiste you heard your AMM host bragging about, a do-er of many things – musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, conversationalist, and all around awesome dude. Seriously. And he happens to host an excellent podcast, How Did I Get Here? (full disclosure: your AMM host has been a guest of said podcast on several occasions).

Around the beginning of our collective social-distancing journey, when all live music shows came to a standstill, Goudie put together The Johnny Show, a live stream solo performance with some lovely chats. Catch Goudie at 6 p.m. (Central) tonight, Thursday April 30th on Goudie’s Facebook page. Raise your glass for a marvelous Goudie toast. And donations are welcome via Venmo @Johnny-Goudie-1 and PayPal,

-Photography by Todd Crusham.

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