Sweet Sour Music

Having a foggy memory at best, thanks to years of endless music absorption, your Austin Music Minute host has some wires crossed when recalling exactly when I first heard The Sour Notes. Their 2010 release It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty figures prominently, thanks to “Do-ers and Say-ers.” But even before then, there were repeated plays of “Holy Terror” from their 2009 LP Received In Bitterness. Then again, revisiting the band’s 2008 debut, The Meat of the Fruit, brings back a flurry of memories.

Through line-up changes, highs and lows, one hell of a discography – including an album of Sour Notes remixes by fellow Austin artists, loads of press and endless touring, The Sour Notes are still creating like mad. These days, founding members Jared Boulanger and Amarah Boulanger perform as a trio with drummer Jeremy Harrell. And, finding time to pause during the pandemic like so many of their musical colleagues, they’re using this moment to reflect on their career. Join The Sour Notes for an all-Sour Notes Video Retrospective at 10 p.m. (Central) tonight, Wednesday September 2, on Austin Music Television Channel 16 and at AMT’s website.

Sweet Sour Music

AMM September 2 2020 || The Sour Notes' Music Video Retrospective

-Video image art courtesy of Jared Boulanger.

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