The Time To Dance is Now

This musical discovery comes from a showcase I was asked to emcee last year, presented by producer Danny Reisch (Good Dannys) at The Parish. When I’d asked about Black Taxi on the bill, the high praises came pouring in from more than one person, and that was even before they hit the stage.

I was not disappointed. It’s no wonder the Brooklyn-based multifaceted quartet has a huge presence in New York’s underground music scene. It was interesting to note that a few reviews of Black Taxi’s second release, We Don’t Know Any Better (2012), showed some perplexity over the wide array of musical styles the band managed to fit onto the album. For some music critics, it seemed to leap in several different directions without a specific destination. I tend to disagree. It’s done in a way that results in something totally infectious throughout, sort of like Black Taxi wearing all of their influences on their sleeves, but without anything clashing. The blend of ingredients like ’80s synth, hip-hop, or even a touch of ’70s AM gold, combined with indie pop, keeps the pace upbeat.

Great news for Austinites: Black Taxi will be in our city as visiting artists for an extended period, and are starting a Wednesday night residency at The Parish, 214 E. 6th St. You can see them play there tonight, along with local bands Sip Sip and Primal Static. Doors open at 9 p.m. Absolutely recommended.

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