To the Other Side

Jordan Whitmore took a deep breath and decided it was time to show a more vulnerable side to her songwriting.

“The devil’s on your shoulder/and she looks a lot like you,” Whitmore sings tellingly on “My Own Worst Enemy,” the opener on Other Side. So beings the journey of acknowledging one’s own imperfections, no matter how deeply they run, but it’s a cautionary tale. Rise above and ignore those lies of the mind, “…’Cause no one can bring you down like yourself.” The Dallas-born songwriter moved toward a slightly more raw and revealing style for her new album, taking a hard look at all the struggles in life that can weigh you down so hard you feel you can’t even move. But for all the times you’ve felt alone in this mess, Whitmore steps up to remind you these are universal challenges we all go through.

Join Whitmore at her album release show tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St., with the nine-piece (yes, nine-piece) groove-filled magnificence that is the Jack Burton Trio, and up-and-coming songwriter Colin Leonard, also on the bill. Doors open at 9 p.m. Recommended.

– Photography by Amy Melsa Photography.

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