Triple Awesome

Leave it to my homies at Side One Track One to put together a line-up that makes it to the top of the Austin Music Minute list of shows to see this evening. You know; the kind of triple bill action that automatically spells out “GREAT SHOW!” With exclamation point included.

Side One Track One is a music and film blog based here in our fair city, started in 2006 by my friend and colleague John Laird, who is also a fellow music geek and supporter of local bands. Quite a few music lovers contribute to this blog, which is an outstanding music resource, especially when it comes to discovering local talent. And it’s no surprise that Side One Track One puts on some great shows, like the one tonight at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey St. Check this out, freak:

Headliners The Couch recently had a bit of a line-up change, but it’s all good; songwriter and musician Sara Houser moved on to pursue solo work and other band projects, while front man Taylor Wilkins, bassist Nick Joswick and drummer Jud Johnson carry on the torch. The latest songs from the trio are sounding harder, louder and leaning more toward heavier rock on the scale. Damn good.

Indie-electro dream pop outfit Letting Up Despite Great Faults recently opened up for Jessie Ware at Emo’s, and are ready to kick up those dark and gorgeous shoegaze vibes. Their 2012 release Untogether is definitely an AMM favorite.

Dynamic duo Major Major Major proudly declare themselves purveyors of garage pop influenced by “dirty thoughts and horror films.” Well, sign me up. Their latest single “Scream Queen” will be on their forthcoming EP.

Get to The Blackheart around 8 p.m. You will not be disappointed. Recommended.

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