With Great Vengeance

Take heed. There is a mighty storm in your presence, a ferocity so strong and commanding that you will be compelled to listen – and you’ll thank me later. Presenting the mighty voice that is Lincoln Durham.

Durham makes his mark as a one-man band, a self-described “obnoxious Southern-gothic scary-blues revival-punk one-man-band who does not play well with others” – which, to be terribly honest, sounds like someone your Austin Music Minute host would hang out with.

But you’ll appreciate the brilliant and fiery fury that makes Durham’s songs so simultaneously passionate and bone-chilling. It started way back in the day, when his grandfather Charlie and father Ed bestowed upon him the power of music, when he was only 4, with a fiddle. Ever since then, he’s not only mastered the instrument, he’s learned to play other instruments and add onto them as well. 

The proof is in Durham’s live performance. His audiences are immediately struck, and left mesmerized, by the intensity with which he sings and plays. Come be a witness to this electrifying experience; see Durham tonight at Red 7, 611 Red River. Wil Cope will provide the perfect start to the evening. Don’t miss a single part of it. So recommended it hurts.

– Photography by Bill Ellison.

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