Yeah Okay, I Know

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Yeah Okay, I Know

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015

It’s nothing new for Christian Lee Hutson to be labeled as an “old soul.” But such is the case when, in your early 20’s, you’re blessed with a voice that has a maturity beyond your years. From his debut EP, Will Never Break Up, to his debut full-length, The Hell With It, and just as powerfully on his latest release, Yeah Okay, I Know, you have the impression of an individual who’s seen it all. Perhaps that’s what he’s responding to with the recent album title: “Yeah okay, I know. I sound older.” However, even with the brooding, knowing tones in his ballads, there is Hutson’s youthful energy adding contemporary twists to classic styles.

Hutson is in Austin for a show tonight at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St. It’s a great bill with local artists The Colin Bonnie Graham Band (featuring Colin Gilmore, Bonnie Whitmore and Graham Weber) and Anthony da Costa. Doors open at 7 p.m. Recommended.

– Photography by Erin Rambo.