Jody Denberg’s Favorite Songs of 2018


Jody Denberg’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

Jody Denberg – Host M-Th. 5p-8p, Fri. 12n-4p

Alejandro Escovedo – “Sonica USA”

A standout track from his timely concept album – “The Crossing” – featuring the Italian band Don Antonio. Looking forward to seeing them perform it in its entirety January 5th at the Paramount.

Black Pumas – “Black Moon Rising”

Another timely entry, with the amazing Eric Burton’s vocals and  Austin’s Adrian Quesada anchoring this new band. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the collection…

Erika Wennerstrom – “Extraordinary Love”

From the Heartless Bastards’ frontwoman’s solo debut, a recording that actually manages to capture the grandness of its title. Pass the Ayahuasca (carefully).

Kacey Musgraves – “Slow Burn”

I love the line “grandma cried when I pierced my nose” from this song by the Golden, Texas native. Even the CMA’s got it right when they named her “Golden Hour” album of the year. Think Neil Young as a 30-year-old Texas woman.


Childish Gambino – “This Is America”

Where have all the protest songs gone? Not sure, but this one captures the frenetic atmosphere of modern-day USA. Even without the incredible video this performance stands on its own.

Elizabeth McQueen’s Favorite Songs of 2018


Elizabeth McQueen’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

Elizabeth McQueen – Producer/Host of This Song podcast, On-Air host Sat. 10a-2

Anderson Paak – “Til It’s Over

I think this song is one of the more perfectly constructed songs I’ve ever experienced. The verse sounds just like the inside of your head when you’re debating getting involved in something you know can’t last. It sets you up perfectly for the chorus, which posits the only solution to such a situation — ride it ’til it’s over.  Though this song is about a romantic relationship, I’ve been using it to remind me of all the beauty we can experience in the world, as long as we allow ourselves to make peace with impermanence and potential heartbreak.

Dessa – “Fire Drills
It’s rare that you hear a song that makes you re-examine your core values, but this song does exactly that for me.  As a mother of two girls, I’ve tended to see my role in this world as one of a protector — it’s my job to protect my daughters from a dangerous world, right?  This song makes me rethink that idea, and expand my notion of motherhood. Perhaps my role is also to give my girls the tools they need to be brave, ambitious and adventurous. After listening to this song, I’m sure it is.
Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel
Dirty Computer, the record this song is on, has been hands down the most important record of 2018 for me.  This world, as you may have noticed, is growing increasingly fractured and chaotic.I for one need help trying to figure out how to survive within it. Dirty Computer shows me way, and has helped me see that love, sex, dancing, joy, vulnerability, humor, resistance and empathy are the best strategies we can use when times get dark.  Nothing this year has done more to heal me than this record.  And I’m so grateful to Janelle Monáe for making it.
Tameca Jones – “Are You Awake
This song is such a jam. It’s definitely the best song about a late night booty call that has ever been written. Jones’ voice is as stunning as ever, and the production by Walker Lukens is right on point.  I will admit to listening to this song on repeat, just to get access to the feeling of making a glorious mistake, over and over.
Zettajoule – “No Thank You
This song is all the things I like. It’s weird and experimental while being accessible and hooky at the same time. I always come up with a full formed story about it when I hear it.  Plus, it was recorded and mixed on a iPhone, even though it sounds like it was made in a million dollar studio.  I truly cannot wait to hear what else Zettajoule has coming out in the future. I have a feeling I’m going to love it.
Michael Crockett’s Favorite Songs of 2018


Michael Crockett’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

Michael Crockett – “Horizontes” Sun. 7p-10p

Rosalía (Spain) – “Malamente

 Rosalía blends traditional flamenco singing with trap and electronic music and lyrics based on a 13th century manuscript. It is a seductive and mysterious sound that has now spread from her native Spain to Latin America and the rest of the world thanks to her several recent Latin Grammy nominations and awards. (The album, “El Mal Querer”,  even made NPR’s Top 10 for the year)

 Santiago Cruz (Colombia) & Vicente Garcia (Dominican Republic) – Vida De Mis Vidas

Colombian singer Santiago Cruz wrote and released this lovely, poetic song as a ballad, but Dominican singer Vicente Garcia gave it new live with a danceable bachata rhythm which he sings with Cruz as a duet.

Natalia Lafourcade (Mexico) –“Danza De Gardenias”

 This year Mexican pop singer, Natalia Lafourcade,  released a follow-up (Musas II) to her successful  acoustic/traditional album from last year and included this beautiful música tropical song she wrote of learning to reflorecer, or bloom again from a wilted love.

Gepe (Chile) –“Joane”

 Chilean singer-songwriter Gepe pays homage to a Haitian immigrant woman, who died on the streets in his country,  giving voice to the current plight of immigrants in many parts of the world.

 Maria Rita (Brazil) –“Reza Pra Agradecer”

A beautiful prayer of thanks in a song to the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea, Iemanjá,  from Brazilian singer Maria Rita’s new album “Amor É Música”

Art Levy’s Favorite Songs of 2018


Art Levy’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

Art Levy – Host Sun. 10a-2p

Christine & The Queens –“Doesn’t Matter”
A song that puts two strangers in a room together: glittering electro-pop and existentialist philosophy. Sparks fly.
August Greene –“Black Kennedy”
A song sent from middle age. Everything–the wisdom, the pain, the off-kilter beat–is hard-won.
Leon Bridges –“Bad Bad News”
A song made from minimal ingredients, confidently cool.
Wye Oak –“The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs”
A song made from maximal ingredients, loudly peaceful.
Will Courtney –“Crazy Love”

A song that’s another link in Austin’s country-rock chain.



Matt Munoz’s Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

Matt Muñoz’s Top 5

Shame – “Concrete ”

Soccer Mommy – “Cool”

Jaime Harris – “Depressive State”

Western Youth – “Lost The War”

Snail Mail – “Heat Wave”