My KUTX: 50 Years Of Pink Floyd

On August 5, 1967, Pink Floyd debuted with The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, helping kickstart the psychedelic rock revolution and a career that’s largely unparalleled in scope and influence. One of the musicians who’s certainly felt those reverberations is Kyle Shutt. He plays guitar in Austin’s finest metal export the Sword, and on August 5 at Emo’s, he’s celebrating a half-century of Pink Floyd the only way he knows how: by playing Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety, metal style. His tribute band is fittingly called Doom Side Of The Moon, and it features Alex Marrero from Brownout and Brown Sabbath, Jason Frey from Hard Proof and Black Joe Lewis, and more. And in true Pink Floyd tribute fashion, there will be a laser light show.

This week on My KUTX, we asked Shutt to play an hour of his favorite Floyd songs, and he draws from both the dorm-room favorites and the experimental oddities. Listen at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. “Astronomy Domine” (from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)

2. “Interstellar Overdrive” (from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn)

3. “Fearless” (from Meddle)

4. “When You’re In” (from Obscured By Clouds)

5. “The Gold It’s In The…” (from Obscured By Clouds)

6. “Time”(from Dark Side of the Moon)

7. “Us And Them” (from Dark Side of the Moon)

8. “Have A Cigar” (from Wish You Were Here)

9. “Wish You Were Here” (from Wish You Were Here)

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