My KUTX: Dana Falconberry

Austin singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry has always been inspired by dreams, memories and landscapes. Her stripped down pop-folk aesthetic has brought her quite the following, with the Austin Chronicle calling her one of the city’s “most arresting female vocalists.” Last fall, Falconberry released her newest album: Leelanau. On the beautifully orchestrated album, she focused more on her songwriting craft, writing about more complex and subtle emotions, as opposed to the sweeping ones present on her earlier releases.

We’re really excited Dana agreed to play KUTX Guest DJ for an hour. Listen to her playlist right here! 

Dana’s List: 

  1. Good Field – You Notice

  2. Royal Forest – Broken Bow

  3. Matt Bauer – Blacklight Horses

  4. Some Say Leland – Overflow

  5. Shelley Short – June

  6. Social Studies – Away For The Weekend

  7. Gun Lake – Backwards

  8. Heartless Bastards – Arrow Killed the Beast

  9. Nina Nastasia – Superstar

  10. Laura Veirs – Make Something Good

  11. Lightning Dust – Antonia June

  12. The Shivers – Beauty

  13. Califone – Funeral Singers

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