My KUTX: Good Looks

Maile Carballo/KUTX. Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Good Looks

My KUTX // June 1, 2024

By Art Levy

On its second album, Good Looks comes roaring out of the gate. It didn’t always seem like that was possible. There was the hit-and-run accident to guitarist Jake Ames following the band’s triumphant release show for 2022’s Bummer Year that led to a hospital stay and a lengthy recovery. A year later, Good Looks’ van was rear-ended on a tour, destroying all of the band’s instruments. So the music on Lived Here For A While has a profound energy to it: it is alive, and happy to be alive.

I caught Good Looks at SXSW back in March, and I could sense the band really hitting a groove. The new songs sounded boisterous, the band attacking each hook like it was the last time they’d play it. The rootsier tendencies of Bummer Year are blown out into a 21st century Americana, big and snarling about the immorality of gentrification, racism, and predatory capitalism.

Lived Here For A While comes out June 7 via Austin indie imprint Keeled Scales, and KUTX presents the band’s album release show at the Ballroom on June 6. And this week on My KUTX, Good Looks returns for another guest DJ set. Last time, frontman Tyler Jordan took the reins, but this time it’s Jake Ames and bassist Harrison Anderson. They play of mix of music that’s been on heavy rotation as Good Looks has toured America, including old soul classics, new discoveries, favorite Austin bands, and more. Hear Good Looks’ My KUTX on Saturday, June 1 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime right here.


[intro music: Good Looks – “If It’s Gone”]

  1. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – “Too Late To Turn Back Now”
  2. Sadurn – “snake”
  3. The Nerves – “Working Too Hard”
  4. Taeko Onuki – “Tokai”
  5. Randy Newman – “Tickle Me” (live)
  6. Greg Freeman – “Colorado”
  7. Jared Leibowich – “And You’re Always On”
  8. Dimas III – “I Won’t Love You Again”
  9. Helen Merrill – “Mountain High, Valley Low”
  10. Elizabeth Cotten – “Freight Train”
  11. Van Mary – “Poppy”
  12. Songs: Ohia – “Farewell Transmission”

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