My KUTX: Grandmaster

Photo by Michael Minasi. Design by Maile Carballo

Grandmaster is the KUTX Artist of the Month for June 2024, powered by PNC Bank


My KUTX // June 22, 2024

As KUTX’s Maile Carballo puts it, Grandmaster is “Austin’s grooviest intergalactic musical cult.” The group started as a joke played on an online scammer who called themselves “The Grandmaster,” but soon it morphed into an eleven-piece funk band featuring musicians trained at Berklee College of Music, an elaborate cosmic backstory, costumes, and pseudonyms–all the members are called “Zealots,” who serve the Grandmaster at the center of the band.

The group sold out its album release party at the Stateside, and now three of the eleven are the guest DJs this week on My KUTX. Please welcome: Zealot Leon, the Pillar of Mind; Zealot Eldred, the Pillar of Magic; and Zealot Mizell, the Pillar of Craft, as they dive into their favorite Earth, Wind & Fire songs, play some video game music, and reveal that Grandmaster originally started as a Police cover band. Hear Grandmaster’s My KUTX on Saturday, June 22 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime right here.


[intro music: Grandmaster – “Castle Door”]

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire – “In The Stone”
  2. Nolan Potter – “Dig Me As I Am”
  3. D’Angelo – “Another Life”
  4. The Police – “Driven To Tears”
  5. Taeko Onuki – “Kusuri o Takusan”
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Getaway”
  7. Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth For Christ Choir – “Like A Ship”
  8. Parliament – “Flash Light”
  9. Dorothy Ashby – “Truth Spoken Here”
  10. The Versions – “Theme of Onett (from ‘Earthbound’)”
  11. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Star”

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