My KUTX: Migrant Kids

Almost halfway through their guest DJ set, Austin trio Migrant Kids segue two songs together that pretty much sum up their aesthetic: S U R V I V E’s grainy synthscape right into Fiona Apple’s “On The Bound.” Migrant Kids exist somewhere on this musical plane, experimental but with a big, brash pop heart. Miguel Ojeda, John Zakoor, and Bryan O’Flynn debuted in 2013 but hit a high two years later with its Primordial Soup EP, earning a Black Fret grant for its work. The band is back to work on Saturday, January 7, playing a Free Week show at Stubb’s, and you can get to know the band a little bit better this week on My KUTX. Tune in Saturday at 6 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. The Venus In Furs – “2Hb”

2. Neon Indian – “Slumlord”

3. Broncho – “Deena”

4. S U R V I V E – “Floating Cube”

5. Fiona Apple – “On The Bound”

6. Paul Simon – “The Obvious Child”

7. Digable Planets – “Jettin’”

8. Migrant Kids – “Primordial Soup”

9. Sufjan Stevens – “Romulus”

10. David Bazan – “Curse Your Branches”

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