My KUTX: Moving Panoramas

Photo by Shelley Hiam

From the first few moments of “One,” I was hooked on Moving Panoramas. The Austin trio writes simple, catchy songs that take their time–you start at one spot, and some vast instrumental coda takes you somewhere else. The guest DJ playlist from Leslie Sisson, Rozie Castoe, and Karen Skloss gives a nice taste of their wide-ranging influences. Ahead of the release of its debut album, Moving Panoramas is the Artist of the Month, and you can check out more of their features here. Listen below their playlist.

–Art Levy

Moving Panoramas’ playlist:

1. Bedhead – “Psychosomatica”

2. Low – “Walk Into The Sea”

3. Lift To Experience – “With The World Behind”

4. Black Forest Fire – “Live News Feed”

5. Sisson – “Blues”

6. Led Zeppelin – “That’s The Way”

7. Loretta Lynn – “Honky Tonk Girl”

8. Birdcloud – “Do What I Want”

9. The Wooden Birds – “Seven Seventeen”

10. The American Analog Set – “The Only One”

11. Windsor For The Derby – “Stasis”

12. Benjamin Cissner – “Fifty – One Fifty”

13. Telepods – “Thrash”

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