My KUTX: Sweet Spirit

Photo Collage: Marla / CC BY

With A Giant Dog, Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen can make all of the other Austin punk bands seem pretty tame. But fast and loud only carries you so far, so the duo launched Sweet Spirit–our Artist of the Month for May. This 9-piece behemoth is truly something to behold: Ellis’s magnetic presence is still front-and-center, and between the horn section and the soulful hooks, Sweet Spirit brings something new to the local scene. A self-titled EP is out now and a full-length is forthcoming, and this week Ellis and Cashen are the guest DJs. Listen anytime below the playlist.

–Art Levy

Sweet Spirit’s playlist:

1. Gino Washington – “Gino Is A Coward”

2. Sonny & Cher – “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me”

3. Sparks – “Angst In My Pants”

4. William Onyeabor – “Atomic Bomb”

5. The Adverts – “My Place”

6. The Scientists – “Last Night”

7. Them – “Don’t Look Back”

8. The Slackers – “The Nurse”

9. Sparks – “Sherlock Holmes”

10. Harry Nilsson – “Spaceman”

11. Slim Whitman – “Rose Marie”

12. Sparks – “Eaten By The Monster Of Love”

13. Brother Machine – “Peace”

14. Gary Glitter – “Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!)”

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