My KUTX: Ty Richards

Ty Richards is the KUTX Artist of the Month for March. Photo by Martin do Nascimento/KUTX.

Ty Richards’ Zillion is easily one of the best Austin releases so far this year, hitting a sweet spot between rock-and-roll flash and nightclub slickness. Richards is a big disciple of Beck; his music sounds homegrown and curious, able to synthesize a lot of off-the-wall ideas into a sticky whole.

This week on My KUTX, Richards shows off his influences, and like his own music, it’s a groove-heavy guest DJ set. He also talks about empathizing with LCD Soundsystem, the gospel blues of Pop Staples, and the romantic side of Led Zeppelin. Tune in Saturday, March 25 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. Spoon – “The Fitted Shirt”

2. LCD Soundsystem – “Losing My Edge”

3. Beck – “Rental Car”

4. The Beatles – “Hey Bulldog”

5. Pops Staples – “Somebody Was Watching”

6. Arthur Joly – “Só o Esquisitão Dança”

7. Led Zeppelin – “Going To California”

8. The Modern Lovers – “I’m Straight”

9. Wilco – “Hummingbird”

10. Eagles Of Death Metal – “So Easy”

11. Tame Impala – “Apocalypse Dreams”

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