5 Questions with Jay Trachtenberg

In addition to spinning tunes weekday afternoons Jay Trachtenberg is a self-admitted jazzhead with a show every Sunday morning 7-10am to help realize his darkest jazz fantasies. Get to know Jay a bit better with 5 Questions:

1. What artist/album/musical experience most set you on a career in radio?
First time I heard “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan in summer of 1965. It really opened my eyes to the wider world.

2. What’s your favorite Austin music experience so far? (this could be a concert, in-studio performance, interview, local music venue, etc.)
One that really sticks out is seeing Otis Rush in 1985 at Antone’s up on The Drag.

3. Most prized artist in your personal music collection and why?
Too many favorites to list.

4. Why public rather than commercial radio?
If you have to ask…

5. What do you like to do when you’re not spinning records on the air?
Read, Swim, and work in my garden

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