Austin Week in Angers

KUTX evening show host and Austin Music Minute producer Laurie Gallardo has some big news! She was invited by representatives of Austin Angers Creative and Project ATX6 to participate in Austin Week in Angers, France, Austin’s sister city. Next month, Laurie will travel with this year’s Project ATX6 musicians to Angers to represent KUTX and Austin music, and she’ll be a guest host at an Angers radio station to share music by Austin bands. Following the trip, Laurie will produce an hour-long feature about her experiences with Austin Week, which will air during her show. Stay tuned for details!

Very special thanks to the generosity of the wonderful local sponsors who have helped make this trip possible for Laurie:

Radio Coffe and Beer

Buenos Aires Cafe 

The Brixton

Drinks Lounge

Hillside Farmacy

Aviary Lounge

The White Horse

The Side Bar

The Wheel

Great American Smiles

Machine Head Coffee 

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