Best Song Ever…This Week 1.18.19

KUTX host Taylor Wallace spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.


Shy Beast – “Leave Me Be”

Let’s start things off with our current KUTX Artist of the Month, Austin’s Shy Beast. These wonderful humans have spent the last year or so putting all their energy into an important question: how do we create that song? The kind that you immediately turn up the first time you hear it? “Leave Me Be” is that kind of song, and it’s about giving your heart a break between loves and learning how to exist without always having that space filled. Also, be sure to check out the band’s guest DJ set this Saturday on KUTX, starting at 6 p.m.



Natalie Prass – “Sisters”

Next, we move on to another pop gem: “Sisters,” by Natalie Prass. Backed by longtime pal and master collaborator Matthew E. White, the message here is clear: keep toxic people at bay by keeping your sisters close.


Sneaks – “The Way It Goes”

And now for something totally different. D.C.’s Eva Moolchan performs under the name Sneaks, and historically her approach to hip-hop has been all about brevity and minimalism. But her third album, Highway Hypnosis, seems to be trending away from both of those things. “The Way It Goes” in particular screams of M.I.A. influences.


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