Best Song Ever…This Week 1.26.18

Loma by Bryan C. Parker

Each Friday, a KUTX staffer shares new music they can’t stop spinning. This week we turn it over to Morning Host, Susan Castle.

“Relay Runner” by Loma

What do you get when you cross Cross Record with Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater? You get the Austin trio Loma and a sound that sure doesn’t feel like it was recorded off a dirt road in Dripping Springs. But it was, because that’s where Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski landed after leaving Chicago. Loma’s self-titled debut arrives on February 16th on the super cool Sub Pop Records label.

“Count It Up” by Field Music

Next up, it’s indie/art rockers Field Music. Hailing from Sunderland, England, the Brewis brothers have recorded as Field Music on and off between solo projects for about 14 years. They’ll release their 6th full length studio album, Open Here, on Friday, February 2nd.

“Everybody Wants To Be Famous” by Superorganism

3) Our final band is Superorganism, an international, eight-piece pop collective with members hailing from five different countries and fronted by a 17-year-old Weezer fan from Japan. They’ll release their debut album on March 2nd…expect a ton of quirk!

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