Best Songs Ever 4.5.19


Best Songs Ever 4.5.19

Posted by on Apr 3, 2019

Photos (L/R): Grupo Fantasma, Tame Impala, Mavis Staples

KUTX’s Matt Reilly shares this week’s Best Songs Ever!


Grupo Fantasma- “Cuidado” 

First up, music from Austin’s Grupo Fantasma. Their new album American Music Vol. VII is a continuation of the process that makes them both wholly unique and beloved: mixing various musical influences to create songs that are infectious, relatable and danceable. This song is the perfect example: it’s called “Cuidado.”

Tame Impala-“Patience”

Next, we take it down under for the Australian outfit Tame Impala. Kevin Parker and company made their name as a psych rock band but have since transitioned into a, dare I say it, smoother band. This song makes us want to go roller skating. It’s called “Patience.”

Mavis Staples-“Change”

Finally, American icon Mavis Staples. Lyrically, it’s a song that would have worked in the civil rights era just as easily as today, giving it a timeless quality. Add to that the gut- bucket blues production and you have a song rooted in both past and present, which shows us that not that much has changed since we were first introduced to Mavis over 60 years ago. It’s called “Change.”