Best Songs Ever… This Week 11/9/18

Photos (Left to Right) by Jorge Sanhueza Lyon, Pooneh Ghana, Jacob Boll

KUTX host Laurie Gallardo brings you the best songs ever…this week!


Kurt Vile – “One Trick Ponies”

Kurt Vile has done collaborations with Courtney Barnett, opened for Neil Young, and he recorded his new album at different studios all around the country during this hectic schedule. On Bottle It In, the trippy troubadour goes in several different directions into unexplored territory. Check out “One Trick Ponies,” a jangly, laid-back stroll of Vile’s philosophizing.

Broncho – “Keep It In Line”

Next up, a Tulsa-based band that embraces the troublemaker. Broncho has an album titled Bad Behavior that caught my attention. The band loves to rock out, and they’ve also got some irresistible disco-type dance beats for extra toe-tapping. Check out “Keep It In Line.”

Howard – “Oh Dear Brother”

And for my last selection, I’ve heard the artist Howard described as folktronica, which seems spot-on when describing his folk-like riffs and rhythms paired with some very cool syncopated beats and funky grooves. The Brooklyn-based musician recorded his latest album, Together Alone, with a full band this time around. Check out “Oh Dear Brother.”

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