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Each week, hundreds of musicians perform at the many venues in the Live Music Capital. To help you with your nightly plans, KUTX narrows down performances week by week. Discover new music with our Spotify playlist for this week’s KUTX-Recommended Music in Austin:
Monday – January 1st to Sunday – December 7th. 

MONDAY – 1/1

Starting around 11am

Conjunto Los Pinkys – 11:00am @ Cisco’s

Starting around 7pm

Migrant Kids w/ The Canvas People, Major Grizz & Zula Montez – 7:00pm @ Mohawk

Starting around 9pm

Duncan Fellows w/ Delmer Dennis & Poly Action – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

 TUESDAY – 1/2

Starting around 6pm

Jeff Plankenhorn w/ The Peterson Brothers Band, Nakia & The Blues Grifters & The Bluebonnets – 6:00pm @ Empire Control Room

Annabelle Chairlegs w/ Modern Medicine & Glaze – 6:30pm @ Mohawk

Starting around 8pm

Good Field w/ Blastfamous, USA, Hours Quiet & More – 8:00pm @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Whiite Walls w/ Slomo Drags, Blood Pumps & Harry Paradise – 8:00pm @ Barracuda

Go Fever w/ Toma, Big Coat & More – 8:30pm @ Swan Dive


Starting around 6pm

Ringo Deathstarr w/ The Halfways, Coattails & Teevee – 6:30pm @ Empire Control Room

SMiiLE w/ Thor & Friends & Kraken Quartet – 6:30pm @ Mohawk

Starting around 7pm

KUTX Live Jazz Series: Glenn Rexach Trio – 7:00pm @ Juliet Italian Kitchen

Starting around 9pm

Tinnarose w/ Otis the Destroyer, Darkbird, Good Field & More – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas


Starting around 7pm

Whiskey Shivers w/ Sailor Poon, Booher & Poly Action – 7:00pm @ Empire Control Room

Wood & Wire w/ The Deer, Buck Meek (of Big Thief) & Middlespoon – 7:00pm @ Mohawk

Starting around 8pm

Jackie Venson w/ Mobley & Melat – 8:00pm @ Stubb’s

Amplified Heat w/ Duel, Greenbeard, Tia Carrera & Crimson Devils – 8:30pm @ Swan Dive

FRIDAY – 1/5

Starting around 7pm

Cracker + Camper Van Beethoven w/ The Whiskey Gentry – 7:30pm @ 3Ten

Starting around 8pm

Los Coast w/ Emily Wolfe, Otis the Destroyer & Palo Duro – 8:00pm @ Mohawk

Marmalakes w/ Growl, Lola Tried, Tres Oui & More – 8:00pm @ Mohawk

Tinnarose w/ Abram Shook, Carry Illinois, PR Newman & More – 8:00pm @ Barracuda

Starting around 9pm

Netherfriends w/ Corduroi, Flavor Raid, Emme & Noisechoir – 9:15pm @ Empire Control Room

Sharks in the Deep End w/ Shy Beast, Wonderbitch & Blood Pumps – 9:00pm @ Spiderhouse

The Watters w/ Memphis Strange & Screamin J – 9:00pm @ Blackheart


Starting around 8pm

A. Sinclair w/ Megafauna, Chill Russell & Meanswell – 8:00pm @ Mohawk

Buhu w/ Daphne, Taft, Oh My Love & More – 8:00pm @ Swan Dive

Knifight w/ Light Wheel, The Clouds Are Ghosts & Carson McHone – 8:00pm @ Stubb’s

Quiet Company w/ Dayshifters, Super Thief & BLXPLTN – 8:00pm @ Barracuda

Moving Panoramas w/ Lowin, Go Fever & Vonne – 8:30pm @ Valhalla

Starting around 9pm

Annabelle Chairlegs w/ Deep Time, Caroline Says & More – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

Money Chicha w/ The Halfways & Como Las Movies – 9:00pm @ Spiderhouse

Starting around 10pm

Ruby and the Reckless – 10:30pm @ Geraldine’s

SUNDAY – 1/7

Starting around 11am

Jeff Lofton Trio – 11:00am @ Juliet Italian Kitchen

Starting around 1pm

16th Annual Austin Traditional Jazz Society Jam Session – 1:30pm @ Cap City Comedy Club

Starting around 6pm

Big Freedia w/ Boyfriend & House of Kenzo – 6:30pm @ Mohawk

Starting around 8pm

Tomar & The FCs w/ Honey Made – 8:00pm @ Stubb’s

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