Concert Calendar

Each week, hundreds of musicians perform at the many venues in the Live Music Capital. To help you with your nightly plans, KUTX narrows down performances week by week. Discover new music with our Spotify playlist for this week’s KUTX-Recommended Music in Austin:
Monday – January 15th to Sunday – December 21st. 

MONDAY – 1/15

Starting around 6pm

The Peterson Brothers – 6:00pm @ Continental Club

Destroyer w/ Mega Dog – 6:30pm @ Mohawk

 TUESDAY – 1/16

Starting around 6pm

Durawa Tuesday w/ Los Jazz Vatos – 6:30pm @ Backstage

Starting around 9pm

Mean Jolene w/ Dirty Few, Residual Kids & Lochness Mobsters – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas


Starting around 7pm

KUTX Live Jazz Series: Aaron Lack’s Vibetet – 7:00pm @ Juliet Italian Kitchen

Wood & Wire – 7:30pm @ Long Center

Starting around 8pm

Daisy O’Connor – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

South Austin Jazz Jam – 8:00pm @ Whip In


Starting around 5pm

Henry + The Invisibles – 5:00pm @ Antone’s

Starting around 8pm

KUTX Presents: Aimee Mann w/ Jonathan Coulton – 7:00pm @ Paramount

The Peterson Brothers – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

FRIDAY – 1/19

Starting around 7pm

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club w/ Night Beats – 7:00pm @ Stubb’s

Starting around 8pm

The Fabulous Thunderbirds w/ Kim Wilson, Bobby Patterson & The Disciples & Brad Stivers -8:00pm @ Antone’s

The Mastersons – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Starting around 9pm

Annabelle Chairlegs w/ Crypt Trip, The Dull Drums, Urban Turbans & DJ Matt Lyons – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

King Warbler w/ SMiiLE, Star Parks & WTF – 9:00pm @ Spiderhouse


Starting around 6pm

Bon Iver [Night One] – 6:30pm @ ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Starting around 7pm

The Dream Syndicate w/ Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards – 7:00pm @ 3Ten

Starting around 8pm

Shawnee Kilgore & Anna Tivel – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Starting around 9pm

The Crystal Method – 9:00pm @ Empire Control Room

Starting around 10pm

Shy Beast – 10:30pm @ Geraldine’s

SUNDAY – 1/21

Starting around 6pm

Bon Iver [Night Two] – 6:30pm @ ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Starting around 7pm

Brannen Temple Group – 7:00pm @ Whip In

Starting around 8pm

Folk Family Revival – 8:00pm @ Cactus Cafe

Light Horse Harry w/ Belcurve, Sometimes A Legend & The Weather Machine – 8:00pm @ Spiderhouse

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